Company Overview

TG Holdings Ghana Ltd. is a holding company for ten (10) companies with interests in different specialist areas of Transportation, Financial Services, Real Estate, Building & Construction, Property, Printing & Publishing, Hospitality and Media industries. In 1999, IGIT Company Ltd. was formed to manage operations in Printing, Advertising, Courier Services, Ticketing and Reservations. A steady expansion into several other business areas and a traverse into international business territory necessitated the founding of TG Holdings Ghana Ltd., which had a broader and more diverse scope, in 2014.

Through value creation and discovery, the TG Holdings Group has cultivated an outstanding portfolio of investments, driving sustainable value growth for a complex mix of shareholders, stakeholders, management and employees.
The limited liability company was registered in 1999, under the Companies Code, 1963 Act 179, under the name IGIT Company Ltd., as a company to manage the operations in Printing, Advertising, Courier Services and logistics, Travelling Services.
An expansion into several other business areas and the traverse into international business territories necessitated an expansion and extension of the IGIT brand. To reflect this, in June 2014 TG Holdings was founded.
We are Passionate! Passionate about our People and our Work; Passionate about our Clients and our Stakeholders; Passionate about our Environment and our Community. We are Passionate about innovatively impacting all these groups in a relevant way, that the world would know it, and love and revere us for it.
Given the competitive nature of today’s business environment, we recognise, that today’s client is more cosmopolitan and is presented with a multiplicity of options. We realize that clients require and deserve the kind of service that is beyond “OK” or “Good”. That is why we resolve to offer value, not only to make us stand tall but stand out EVERYDAY.
  • Corporate Citizenship

    Having a duty and responsibility to our community.
  • Customer Centrism

    Making the customer the centre of our business
  • Innovation

    Originality in our ideas and our services.
  • Integrity

    Possessing strong moral principles.
  • Quality

    Superiority of excellence in all that we do
  • Respect

    An attitude of regard for ourselves and our stakeholders
  • Team Spirit

    Having enthusiasm and harmony among us, for the work and ourselves


Richard Yaw Addo Esq is the founder and Chief Executive of TG Holdings, an apex body for 14 independent companies in diverse industries in Printing & Publishing, Real Estate & Construction, Vehicle Leasing & Haulage, Financial Services & Leasing and Hospitality. Mr Addo’s relentless hard work and dynamic leadership have inspired phenomenal personal growth for his staff and remarkable corporate growth for his corporate organ
Kwadwo has over a decade’s experience in Leasing and Project Management. He also has extensive previous experience in Sales, Mortgage Origination, Credit Analysis, Auditing, Recoveries and a myriad of financial services proficiency, all of which he acquired over his nearly nine years of working experience in the banking industry.
Yahya Dimie is a driven and assertive Chartered Management Accountant whose penchant for developing both strategic and start-up businesses, stands him out prominently with a lot of craftiness. His accomplishments in Financial Modeling, Working Capital Management, Project Monitoring and Evaluation, Business Operations Analysis and Investment Appraisal are a testament to his multi-dimensional and target-driven approach to accounting and financial solutions.
Michael has been with TG Holdings since 2017. Michael oversees the commercial functions and leads strategic planning for the group. Michael qualified with Deloitte & Touche as a chartered certified accountant in 2000 and has over 18 years of international experience as a finance and business executive.l
Pauline Appafram is an accomplished Human Resource practitioner who embodies strategy. Her versatility and exposure to a myriad of HR practices and environments have given her a horizon that is notches above her peers in the industry, having practised for over two decades.
Ms Asmarianaki is an experienced marketing professional with over 8 years of experience. She has a high degree in sales, marketing and communication experience gained from several senior roles. She is a natural leader with a flair of mobilizing and motivating her team to work thoroughly and intuitively while understanding the needs of every project and processes in order to achieve a great impact.