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January 2024

There’s a world of good in here

Whether it’s supporting hygiene education, providing a simple necessity like water or delivering essentials for families impacted by uncontrollable conditions, we never stop doing good. 

We're all about Doing The Right Thing. We are committed to causes that change society for good. That's why our people and our brands do good every day.

Community engagement initiatives

Unlimited Education
Pioneering real-time tech experiences, we bridge the education-tech gap in Africa, inspiring the next generation of creators.
TG Scholars Grant
Avid Support for Girls in STEM
We focus on positive values, inclusivity, and boundless potential, creating a narrative that inspires and uplifts.
TG Foundation
Mobile Libraries in rural areas
Rolling knowledge bridges the gap in rural areas, transforming lives with books and innovation on wheels.
TG Foundation
Brilliant Minds Ignite: TG Scholars' Fund Fuels Potential
Emphasizing its support for exceptional students facing financial hurdles.
TG Scholars Grant
Bridging the Gap with Technology
Imagine a world where technology isn't a divider, but a bridge. A bridge that spans geographical divides, bringing educational resources to remote villages.
TG Techonology
Experience Transformation
Make bold and transformative leaps forward in your brand and customer experiences.

Let's turn potential to growth

Submit ideas and initiatives for change.