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Introducing White: TG Hospitality Group’s Newest Culinary Venture

white restaurant

Local diners seeking to satisfy their culinary pleasures are out of luck.

Two of TG’s restaurants in Accra – SOHO and Yasmina Restaurants – will have a new addition
that adopts a new all-day dining format. It is called White Restaurant and will be inspired by
a blend of local and European cuisine. From A La Carte to Classical Cocktails with a stellar
view across the rooftops of Marina Mall inside the Airport City, White Restaurant and
Gardens is the most exciting new restaurant opening this year, taking its cue from global
culinary experience.


A Melting Pot of Flavors
The sister restaurant to SOHO in Accra brings an elevated take on a sizzling blend of cuisines
to Ghana’s capital. Located on the second floor of Marina Mall, its plant-filled interiors,
eccentric design touches, and sweeping views are proving a big draw already.

Here, the fusion of natural elements and modern design creates an ambiance that enhances
every aspect of your dining journey.


From Classic to Contemporary
The food on offer includes a raw bar with flavourful menus and options that ensure that all
tastes are catered for, while the drinks’ menu includes premium spirits ensemble from
esteemed houses that have perfected the art of distillation over centuries – champagnes,
vodkas, and tequilas, as well as inventive cocktails featuring sophisticated ingredients. Each
glass is a work of art, carefully designed to ignite your senses and create an unforgettable
dining experience.


A Culinary Dream Unveiled
White Restaurant & Garden goes beyond mere sustenance – it’s a place where dreams come
to life on your plate.

And our menu has choices.
At White, you start your day with the fluffy embrace of Buttermilk Pancakes or our trendy
sophistication of Smashed Avocado Toast. For a fiery fusion of flavours, savour the Battered
Sriracha Fish Crunch, or relish the smoky richness of Char-Grilled Chicken Wings. Live exotic
with Kitima Thai Chicken Skewers, where tender marinated chicken meets vibrant dipping

And all with our blend of live entertainment throughout dinner with intermittent late-night
jazzy feel – all played out against the cozy airport view.


To reserve your table and learn more about the captivating world of White, please visit