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A Catalyst for Sustainable Economic Transformation in Ghana

As the Ghanaian national economy gears up for sustained growth, the demand for advanced business facilities is on the horizon. Furtuno Industrial City, a visionary 100-acre development in Nsawam, emerges as a private-sector response, poised to redefine the landscape of industrialization in Ghana. This strategic initiative not only anticipates the burgeoning domestic demand for sophisticated production infrastructure but also aims to foster inclusive economic transformation through a diverse range of industrial activities.

Anticipating Growth in Business Facilities:
With a foresighted approach, Furtuno Industrial City aligns itself with the anticipated sustained growth of the Ghanaian national economy. As the demand for advanced business facilities rises, this development stands ready to cater to the evolving needs of both local producers and foreign investors (FDI).

Strategic Location in Industrialized Clusters:
Positioned in Nsawam, Furtuno Industrial City strategically taps into industrialized clusters and crucial transportation hubs. These hubs are pivotal for businesses, both domestic and international, offering a strategic advantage to those looking to establish or expand their presence in Ghana.

Evolution of Ghana’s Industrial Landscape:
Tracing Ghana’s industrial evolution from an inward, overprotected ISI strategy to an outward, liberalized industrialization approach, Furtuno Industrial City aligns with the contemporary shift towards mixed-use value-added processing. This transformation, guided by private-sector leadership, aims to optimize the country’s natural resources through designated enclaves.

Diverse Industrial Capabilities:
Furtuno Industrial City goes beyond conventional industrial developments by accommodating a diverse range of factories. From construction and manufacturing to printing, haulage, agro-processing, warehousing, wood and furniture workshops, and an industrial machinery maintenance bay – this city becomes a comprehensive ecosystem supporting various industries.

Driving Sustainable and Inclusive Economic Transformation:
More than a development, Furtuno Industrial City is a catalyst for sustainable and inclusive economic transformation in Ghana. By establishing cities as drivers of growth, this private endeavor not only boosts the region’s industrial capabilities but also contributes significantly to overall economic growth.

Furtuno Industrial City is poised to become a beacon of industrialization, responding to Ghana’s growing economic demands with foresight and innovation. By providing a diverse range of facilities and embracing a sustainable, inclusive approach, this 100-acre industrial development in Nsawam is set to redefine how cities drive economic transformation in Ghana. As the project unfolds, it promises not only to shape the industrial landscape but also to leave a lasting impact on the nation’s economic trajectory. Stay tuned for the unveiling of a city that stands at the forefront of sustainable economic growth and transformation.