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Embracing Sustainability: TG Holdings’ Commitment to ESG Strategies

business strategy

Business benefit and positive societal impact must not be mutually exclusive. This is the core of our approach to value-addition in doing business. Our company can only be successful in the long term if we create value for all stakeholders, including the planet.

ESG encapsulates a company’s dedication to incorporating sustainable practices that not
only drive financial success but also contribute positively to the environment, society, and
ethical governance. At the forefront of this movement stands TG Holdings, an exemplar of
corporate responsibility and innovation.

With a resolute vision for a better tomorrow, TG Holdings has set forth an ambitious goal: to
embed ESG strategies across all its businesses by the year 2030. By weaving ESG principles
into its DNA, TG Holdings aims to create a harmonious balance between profitability and

The TG ESG and Sustainability Committee oversees our sustainability strategy. The
committee is chaired by our Strategic Business Units head. The Committee has the following
workstreams: 2030 Net Reduction, Sustainable Packaging, Water, Inclusivity, and Reporting
and Advocacy. The structure helps to accelerate and standardize decision-making on an
enterprise-wide level.

TG has made some strides and envisions even more. Examples of the company’s integration
of ESG principles are abundant. From investing in renewable energy sources (where possible)
to minimizing waste and conserving resources, TG Holdings walks the talk when it comes to
environmental stewardship. Socially, it fosters an inclusive workplace, nurturing talent
regardless of background. Ethical governance is a cornerstone, with transparency and
accountability forming the bedrock of decision-making processes.

Selected ESG KPI List
• Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions reductions and removals
• Water use reduction in factories
• Percentage of plastic packaging designed for recycling
• Number of young people who access economic opportunities at TG

Key performance indicators

30 percent
of CO2e reductions compared with business-as-usual scenario

100 m3
water use reduction in our companies each year

60.9 percent
of plastic packaging used designed for recycling

1.5 thousand
young people in our operating continents with access to economic opportunities.

A Future of Assurance
In the nearest future, TGH plans to engage an audit assurance firm to provide independent
assurance of selected Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) key performance
indicators (KPIs) of high strategic importance to our reporting.